Sunday, 29 November 2009

I Said "Vroom Vroom"

A quick post. More wiring traced and disconnected ready for engine drop. Clip-ons purchased on the 'bay for price of an Indian takeaway for two - Robbymoto alloy ones - arrived on Friday. Of course I had to see what they looked and felt like on the bike. Took the wide gold Renthals off and dropped the forks about 20mm so I could try them above the yoke. Why do people say dropped the forks? Actually they nearly always seem to mean they are dropping the rest of the bike while the forks are rising in the yokes - oh well. When I did this I rushed straight in and started undoing top and bottom yokes and luckily bike dropped just the right amount, the Chicken Gods of Stupidity must have been watching over me I guess.

The clip-on handlebars have a slight rise, and mounted above the yoke (which is a lot easier for a try-out) they felt pretty good. I have a dodgy back but if I can't try a sporty riding position on a special, what can I try it out on? I put the seat unit back on the bike and then realised what a big difference the tank makes to supporting yourself when using low bars, so I plopped that back on too. Cue a couple of minutes of going "vroom vroom" and having cafe racer fantasies. Luvverly. One of the clip-ons has a little sticker saying "competition only". This may be because the collars only fix to the forklegs with one bolt each. If I use them some Locktite "insurance" may be in order.

Back to the strip down. All went well with clutch slave and rear-sets and front sprocket all coming off again, fixings bagged and labelled. Then it was time to take out rear shock. The bottom of the shock is secured by an 8mm hex bolt with a caged nut on the other side, You reach the hex through an access hole in the swinging arm. No room for my nice hex bit sockets. My only 8mm allen keys are made of cheese, and even a good one may flex and twist a little too much. Going to sleep on it and ask Roly whether he has something that will help tomorrow. Saw a "long" 8mm hex bit socket on the 'bay for about 7 squid that may do it so that is in on my watch list. Steady wins the race....

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  1. You need to ask Santa for a set of T-handle hex keys - this is what I used to take the shock off my Monster. Probably my most used set of tools in the Duck House...