Thursday, 18 August 2016

Right then! Back to the Moto Guzzi V50..

Time to get back to the sadly neglected Moto Guzzi V50 project! It's been at least a couple of years since we got to this stage, and what was bought as a runner may have suffered as a result.

Possible design direction, although less of the lumpy tank. Long, rectangular classic racer look is the goal with inspiration from 70's sport and racing mopeds...

Rear shocks sourced:

Also have bought conversion kit to change from bicycle style ball bearing head set to taper roller bearing. Some inconsistent info on the web about whether you need to get a longer stem pressed in. We shall see...

Skinny front end will be further augmented with high quality FAC dampers. These forks run an internal damper much like modern cartridge systems. There are two choices, cheap standard or expensive FAC, The latter are supposed to be a serious improvement. As the V50 has a great reputation for fine handling, improving the existing set up seems a better bet than putting on a different front end that may affect trail, off-set etc.

 That takes care of the front end fundamentals although a fork brace may be added. On the electrics front, the ancient loom with weird fuses etc. and the high cost of getting someone to do a loom, starts to make this look like a good idea:

The Motogadget M-unit allows you to simplify your loom by getting rid of all relays and fuses and providing a central, programmable, point to run your wiring to. It's shock and water resistant and has no moving parts. Short circuit and overload protection is automatic and self correcting. This will form the hub of my new wiring. I already have a Dynatek electronic ignition kit to fit, and may spring for their coils too.

Plenty to do then, to get a rolling chassis and an electrical system together. In the meantime some serious decision-making, budgeting, and saving to be done with regards to the motor and shaft-drive. How much assessment can I handle myself? Can I afford a full professional re-build. Can I afford not to have one? And these Heron-headed, mild-mannered, hard to hot-up V50 engines, Can any sensible tuning be accomplished? I've seen stuff about lightened flywheels and skimmed gas-flowed heads.

Also carbs and brakes need re-conditioning. Currently proposing to stick with the linked brake system, after reading some accounts from people who seem to know what they're talking about, but we will see.  More to come soon....

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