Thursday, 14 July 2011

Chicken Shack Board Member Shuffles Off Perch

Just a quick note to say that one of Chicken Shack Ducati Project's founder members, Ms. Betty Descended- From-Dinosaurs-And-Twice-As-Stupid Henface, sadly passed away this week, RIP.

In more news we welcome new board member Dixie the Blue Maran. Unfortunately Dixie is having the crap beaten out of her by Wilma, which is kind of upsetting because Dixie's a bit of a cutie. Apparently this is normal chicken behaviour and sets the pecking order (hence the phrase).

However you have to keep an eye on it in case of injuries, or starvation/dehydration through being denied access by the dominant hen. We're hoping it'll settle down soon, but it can take a couple of weeks and it's not guaranteed to work out. Fingers crossed that board meetings will be less violent soon.

I'll try and get a picture of Dixie up in subsequent posts. More importantly will try and actually get some work done on the bike. Summer is just too busy, and this was when I thought I would get the most done. Current preoccupation is exhaust mounting. How to fabricate and mount supporting brackets to replace the support supplied by original footrest assembly. How to get a sealed fit at the downpipe to link-pipe join which seems a bit loose....


  1. Hey - you evil man :) Diseased chook is not on my menu.... And Mrs Cutter is kind of emotional about her little feathery dinosaurs, (despite acknowledging that they are basically evil and would eat your eyeballs if you dropped dead in fromt of them.)