Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Next Chapter Begins......

The shack awakes, more in due course......


  1. Oh - that's excellent! I bumped into your blog a little while back but was dismayed to see it had gone quiet for quite a while. Great to discover you're getting back up and running with what looks like an interesting new project. That's made my Tuesday :)

  2. Hey Steve - that's really kind of you mate. Much appreciated. Glad you have enjoyed previous ravings - it's been a while - more to come hopefully fairly soon... And maybe the blog will get a bit of a makeover too :)

  3. Will definitely look forward to checking back more regularly in future to see how things are going! :)

  4. Just checking, but have you tweaked the font here on the blog pages? I came back for a look and it's started to render oddly in Safari now. Quite "compressed" and with a bold effect that makes it not completely easy to read. (Could just be my ancient eyes not helping, of course ;)

  5. Hi Steve - it's "operator error", I made the mistake of trying to change things in a hurry.. Apologies to all, hopefully things will get easier to look at over the next few days.

  6. hey, i'm also realy glad to see your blog coming back to life. your monster was a real inspiration to me and i'm looking forward to your new project.
    it's a pitty that the way from germany to london is too far for a short bike trip, otherwise i'd loved to come to the bike shed event to see you and your monster live.
    last winter i made my own monster shed built come true and it was real fun!
    good luck with the upcoming project!

  7. Hi there Benjamin - I really appreciate your comments bro! Really happy I helped you decided to do your build, that's awesome. Would love to see pics of your project maybe? BTW met a really nice German builders called Wolfgang and Makeba, from (check their site and tell them I sent you) at the Bike Shed show. See you at the next one maybe!

  8. hey,
    sure i'd like to send you some pictures.
    no professionel shooting stuff, but real life views from my shed!
    where should i send it to?
    ps. i realy like the 750SS from this bike has got style!

  9. Send to
    Yeah agree very cool 750SS !