Monday, 11 April 2016

Bonnie Piper Progress

New place...



The plan was to customise this 865 Bonneville for our friend while she studied photography abroad. I would do the work for fun and experience, and she would pay for parts and materials. However a burgeoning talent for dance photography meant a serious life change was confirmed. This in turn meant a much reduced budget for the bike project. The new plan? A facelift with some improvement to suspension thrown in. My desire to go way beyond what I did with the M900 would have to wait until the Guzzi. With the Triumph the challenge would be how much I could do with how little. Most of the budget was earmarked for having the tank painted to a Chicken Shack design, seat covered in a new chopped down form, new shocks and front springs and fork oil, and a stainless 2 into 1 exhaust system.

Exhaust studs corroded, all replaced except one that didn't want to come out. It's exposed part is sound so rather than risk more complications it's staying in but will have nice new nut on it.
Old exhaust system looking sad, also rather heavy.

New exhaust system going on. Tea essential for task. Notice polished mag wheel above... 

And blingy Renthal super bike bars at opposite end from occasional tea table.

This was a nasty hole in the cylinder base paint..

And the same on the other side. Have been touched up to improve while staying within budget and remit.

Cut down mudguard for that street tracker look. Plasti-chrome arse-dragging extravaganza dumped.

Sorting new mini rear LED tail light.

Chopped rear mudguard painted and mounting holes for rear light and number plate bracket drilled. Grommets for wiring ordered.

How it sits on the frame. Budget didn't cover frame chop and weld, and the refinish that would need. Frame ends will nestle just under shortened seat unit.

New adjustable alloy bodied YSS shock in place, old heavy shocker in hand ready for the scrapyard.

Hyperpro progressive fork springs and oil kit should give much better handling and ride quality than stock set up which is notorious for giving a crashy ride.

 I know purists don't like progressive springs but this isn't a sports bike. If they don't feel right they can be swapped out later but I think they will suit the ride.

Losing the horrible rear end means a new position is needed for the replacement LED indies. Fabbed up brackets to mount at shock mounting point.

Professional grade crimping tool means proper connections for new lightiing.

Triumph mounted the ugly rectifier right at the front under the headlamp. Saved a few quid on the client's budget by making my own rectifier relocation bracket out of 4mm ally. New (to me) bandsaw came in useful as did small bench sander. 

Haven't mastered mirror polishing but then I don't really like it on a bike like this. Cleaned up nice though.

Bit of a difference...

Abortive attempt at fibreglass base but useful lessons learned for next time.

Stock base being cut down. Retained due to difficult to relocate electrics underneath the base that need mouldings and ease of using existing fittings.

Re-shaping seat foam but may require pro help from upholsterer when they re-cover to our design.

Many coats (punctuated by hand polishing the nice stock mag wheels while waiting for each  coat to dry)

Multiple coats of primer and satin black have come out well on bobbed mudguards and side panels. Matt engine paint to spruce up a sad looking oil cooler. Valkyrie boob is headlamp shell which I've given a brushed steel finish with scotchbrite.

 Ignition relocated to lower position and to right hand side of bike. This is all starting to come together!!! Stay tuned, next up moody green metallic paint job on tank, and on trend tan seat.....Oh and actually finishing the wiring, front end brackets, front brake service, re-assembly, etc etc....