Monday, 19 December 2011

After the good news about Italian Motor Magazine, The Chicken Shack bike has received a further two great honours. The bike has been featured in the UK Monster Owner's Club 2012 Calender, and today it went up on Bike Exif!

UK Monster Owners Club Forum

As I've mentioned before the members of the UK Monster Owner's Club have been a constant help in terms of inspiration, knowledge, practical aid, and moral support.


Bike Exif was also a place of inspiration, and even dreams, when I began planning the project over two years ago. As someone who'd never done much mechanically beyond changing chains, sprockets, and brake pads, it seemed like a fairly distant dream. The site has a worldwide audience and gets over 41,000 followers on Facebook. I can't quite believe my shed project is up there. Check it out - it's a great place to see cool, controversial and intriguing bikes; customs, racers, concepts, bobbers, cafes and classics.