Thursday, 12 November 2009

Moonlight Sonata

OK it's 11.40pm. I went to the shed with the intention of getting to the bottom of the broken choke cable, but in my dark heart I knew full well that the same journey leads to full strip down. The thousand mile journey begins with a single step after all... So I needed to ease myself in - I admit it. In reality I want Keihin FCR carbs and they don't need no stinking choke, but whether I get the readies together for them or not the frame won't powdercoat itself, ya knoworra mean?

The World Tonight, In Our Time on the discovery of Radiation, A reading from the The Glass Room, and a nice comedy series about a mini cab firm - Elsmere Cars or something. By the time that lot was finished I had the battery and airbox out. that meant a load of connectors tagged, hoses disconnected, the tank off, a load of fixings bagged, Ignition unbolted etc etc.

I work slowly, I mooch, I savour. It suits my lazy personality and cuts down the chance of accidents. Tissue blocking the carb mouths, try and leave nothing to chance, don't want anything falling down there eh? What can I tell you, sometimes it's Radio Four, sometimes it's The Black Crowes, just like life really. Night night John Boy....


  1. Courage mon brave - this is the big one, the point at which you release yourself from the tyranny of having to see a working system in front of you and delve into the joy of individual components. It's gonna be a while before it's all back together again but it will be worth it. Just make sure you have that digital camera at the ready and PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHING so that you have a fighting chance of remembering how it all goes back together, particularly the routing of wires, control cables and pipes. Cardboard boxes as well as bags is good and whether you examine, clean, replace, fettle each part as you go along or do it at a later stage make a list of the bits you will need to think about replacing so that you can organise the eBay search priority. When you do come to put everything back together then the golden rule is stainless steel socket head screws and bolts throughout and routine use of copperslip (copper grease).Remember too that your torque wrench becomes your best friend. Christmas present ideas from the family: Parts Washer (£30); Bench Grinder (£15-£50, take of grinding wheels and fit polishing wheels); T-handle Allen key set (£10); endless supply of rags (raid house).

    Enjoy, curb impatience, savour each stage.

  2. Hey Roly - wise words, top tips, and duly noted. You are my Moto Uncle....