Monday, 16 November 2009

Only 100% Fresh Chicken

A a few people have been commenting on the slightly unreal appearance of Betty, one of our two resident chicken Ducati experts. I can assure you Betty is real. The images have not been manipulated, but Betty was manipulated (that sounds wrong) when I put her on the tank and then she jumped up on the handlebar. Wilma may also star later but she is a bit flighty (pun intended) at the moment. Betty is currently producing eggs, apparently that starts once the red floppy mohican develops on their little chickeny bonces. Wilma still doesn't have a proper coxcomb or whatever said mohican is properly called. She prefers drag racing (and I am talking straight line speed over a short distance not cross dressing...)

So Betty and Wilma are real. Whether anything else is real I am not so sure about. At least not since the band I play in, Boomthang, played a small and secret private music festival this weekend. We set up and sound checked at about 3pm on Saturday, went on at 11:00pm and crashed out on the singer's kitchen floor at 5:30am. I am definitely too old for that guano, but it's too much fun to stop, (despite having to drive various off-their-faces musos and wannabees away from my wife and daughter at regular intervals.).

FEAR NOT, normal service will be resumed this week as I cut through the fog surrounding my cerebral cortex and work out the best way to drop the engine without spending any money on sensible things like stands and jacks..... expect something big to fall on my foot any time soon, in technicolor.

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