Wednesday, 11 November 2009


So what's the plan?

YAWN, another customised Monster.

OH NO, there are already some great ones out there with more ingenuity and money thrown at them than I can muster.

Yes, but that negative stuff is hardly the point. What is it I like? What is it I don't like? I like retro and I like hi-tech, I like "trick" and I like purposeful. I like different but quoting something, a colour scheme, a heritage thrown into the mix, taken out of context.

I like:

Cafe racers, race bikes, sports bikes, tasteful customs like Exile and Krazy Horse and Ritmo-Sereno and Deus. (Search for these on the 'net - I will get round to links). I like 70's and 80's endurance racers, I like obscure little european sports two-strokes,  I like cultural hybrids, retro-techtro, Buells and old BMW's cafe'd up, naked 70-'s style muscle bikes with modern performance bling, I like iconoclasts and those who don't obey pigeon-holing rules, people like Roland Sands. I like machines with soul. I like the fact that you can enjoy yourself on little bikes and big ones - if they've got soul. I like a bit of attitude. I like crossover, I like to mix it up.

I don't like:

Pigeonholing, race rep. and sports bike rider prejudice, perfomance at the expense of style or style at the expense of performance. I don't like fake performance upgrades. I don't like people who look down their noses at bikes because they don't have enough power, aren't new enough, are too small etc etc etc. I don't like ugly bikes but sometimes ugly can be beautiful and then I like it.

Why does it matter what I like? Simple, this project is for me. It's going to be my expression, and it won't necesarily be right even for me. It won't necessarily be the last one either. Sometimes we can't stop looking over our shoulders wondering if we're doing the right thing, whether we're coming up to the mark. Right thing for who? Whose mark? Screw that, time to relax, it's supposed to be fun.... If I can learn that lesson the whole thing will be worth it.

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