Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Working Metal Again.

At last I feel like I've done something useful - even if only half the job done so far...

Removing the lugs for the bar clamps as the bike will utilise clip-ons if it keeps it's front end. I was inspired to do this by a fantastic V50 build thread on the Do The Ton forum.

Took the bulk off with my new angle grinder which was a bit scary on such a small  and critical piece. Then used coarse hand-files, the Black and Decker power file, a finer hand-file and then  a Scotchbrite wheel on electric drill. Finer finish will be sought when the other lug is off. Have to say the power file is such a great piece of kit for this kind of thing.

Very satisfying - I do like working with alloy - I want to do more of it!


  1. I dig your new project sir! Have some fun and careful with the angle grinder.
    Check this Guzzi!

    1. Hi Chris - thanks mate - yep that Revival project is food for thought.....

    2. Look forward to this one as much as the Duke. I would like a Guzzi le mans myself. Crust at UKMOC has a mkII he is just about to restore

    3. Hey Albie, yeah I would love a big Guzzi too - it's on the list! Still will hopefully learn a lot doing up this little one in the meantime...

  2. Hey you old Chicken shaker! I'll try to join the BikeShed Event II.
    Drop me a line to arrange a meet and greet!
    BTW! Is your B&B offer still valid?

    Say hello to E.!

    Greets Wolfgang

  3. Hi Cutter,
    my name is Luigi.
    I live in Bexleyheath (30 minutes from London), but I come from Naples a city in south of Italy.
    If is possible can you give me your email, because I have some question on your Ducati Monster bike.
    Oh, sorry I'm the owner of a Ducati Monster 900 1998.
    I'll be on 5th October at the BikeSheedEvent and I hope meet you.
    This is my personal mail: spina.luigi@libero.it

  4. Hi Luigi - yep no probs, have dropped you a mail.

  5. Look forward to the New Shack news and the bike project. My SRX400 is still got to be done and watching yours for possible ideas. I still plan the De Lossa look but maybe going spoked wheels. Have to wait and see where money goes. Catch you at weekender bud