Friday, 25 February 2011

Manifold Blessings

Before (well actually after first pass abrasion with scotchbrite disk and some chemical cleaning):

 After (The PJ1, yet to be heat cured...)

The nasty collars, bottom right in the paving stone pic above, are being replaced with these (an ebay find):

 So one more day at work and then I have a week off dedicated to 'shack life! Hallelujah, a chance to make some real progress, and children, believe me the to-do list is long.

However, there will be no pressure. This is also a chance to take the tank to the painters in deepest Essex to have the hinge plate re-welded where it rusts, a dent filled and my paint scheme applied! So a little sketching has been required.

Colours are not indicative of the final shades, but it's all about red and green on a white background. It's just how dark the colours should be and how white the white. I really don't want that thing where the red ends up looking orange. Plus, I do like a bit of US auto badge cool, if you know what I mean...., the the red and green will be much darker than is typical and may well be kandy. This has to end up looking motorsport clean, rally retro, hot-rod, and Italian all at once. Well it will in MY head and that's all that counts. The idea is to have tricolore without looking like ice cream van and bunting. To look a bit traditional without copying an existing scheme. The two stripes on white background give me tricolore without three stripes.

Is to top-stripe (offset) to over stripe? That is the question....

I am very, very excited about getting the tank painted - it's going to be highly motivational when it comes back. I am going to see a gentleman at a company called Boyz Toyz. The guv'nor is an aircooled Ducati fan and builder himself,. I have seen his work in the flesh on a customised Sports Classic, it's proper as Guy Martin would say. Full report when I get the tank back. This weekend I need to get the petrol and the fumes out prior to transportation.

I also hope to talk to some seat makers. Still wondering whether to re-profile the shape to something more "two-four" cafe, and whether to go for a tan leather. Brown is always tricky. Here's a rough idea of the over-all scheme.

BTW I have my 'storm back with a younger engine in it. Having my daily ride back where it should be makes me whole again.

More reports during or after  'shack week....


  1. Looking really good. It's true that getting into using the Italian flag colours can make stuff look like something off a naff pizza box, in fact I've avoided using them in the mag especially. Looks like your idea will work well, be subtle and suggest what you want it to suggest. The guys at Corsa Italiana get their bikes painted at Boyz Toyz and can't rate their work highly enough. How about suede for the seat? Very MV though..(and not good on wet days)

  2. Thanks for the kind words! Dropped the tank off today and chose the colours - vintage warm white and rich metallic green and red for the stripes. Don at Boyz Toyz really friendly and helpful and a bit of a Superlight 900 nut, so lots to talk about. Suede seat? Been thinking about it, some sort of synthetic like Alacantra perhaps. Discussion with seat specialist is next step...