Monday, 7 February 2011

Back on the rollercoaster of doom...(temporarily of course).....

...still, feck the backside of a warthog!
Having done a nice big update, I went down to the 'shack in fine mood. My optimism was to be rewarded by a slap in the chops with a wet mackerel. Started trying to put the ignition key unit in place only to find it fouls on the Cyclecat top yoke. This rubbed a little powdercoating off the back of the yoke - no matter - I have grown accustomed to keeping a few dings and rubs in proportion - my alter ego is, after all, Captain Not-Perfecto. However as I looked closer I noticed flaking around the stem nut. Couple of big chunks just came away, apparently not in any way connected with the ignition unit rubbing. It just looks like the polished alloy surface didn't take the coating well enough. Now having the yoke back in it's original finish might not ordinarily be such a bad thing - it was lovely. However, it was powder-coated black along with the bottom yoke, to minimise the difference in machining between them, and fit in with blacked out frame, headlamp etc etc. Hurrumph.

Going to have solve the key block problem, and possible take apart the front end again and get the top yoke re-coated, or painted or anodised or something....maybe abrade the surface. Back to powder-coaters for the n'th time. For now clouds hang over 'shack.

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