Wednesday, 29 May 2013

BSMC The Event

And the Gods of Cafe, Brat and Tracker looked down and saw that it was good.
The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club Event  at The Shoreditch Gallery 18th an 19th May...

The Chicken Shack Ducati in the midst of the Shed Build display, flanked by a beautiful Hinckley powered bobber and  a Spirit of the Seventies XS Tracker. And more loveliness inside with the pro-builds including more Spirit, Untitled, Empire. Kingdom of Kicks, Kevils, CRC, Deus, and more. Check BSMC for details at:

Dutch who runs the Bike Shed blog, and Vikki his partner in crime, and their lovely mates and rellies put on an incredible show. Mrs Cutter and I were suprised and honoured to be able to show the Chicken Shack bike and to help out a bit. I had a fantastic time meeting other builders both "pro" and "shed" from all over the world, bike journos I have followed for years like Gary Inman and Rupert Paul, international visitors, fellow UK Monster Owners Club members, suppliers of sexy kit etc etc. I can honestly say everyone one was totally friendly and supportive of each other - the vibe was outstanding. It was a massive confidence boost to get kind words from other builders.

It was a great success with around 2000 bods estimated to have come through on the Saturday alone. Henry Cole from ITV4's The Bike Show was doing interviews and there's even the small possibility of the Chicken Shack bike getting on the telly....  There will be more BSMC events I'm sure, so make sure you get to one in the future if you get the chance. The opposite of the usual depressing mainstream corporate shows.

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