Saturday, 27 August 2011

IT LIVES!!!!!!

I have just this minute managed to fire the beast up - ignore the smoke it's just the grease  that was used to ease the manifolds into place burning off. I had a slight fright when it wouldn't start but it was just reversed coil/ht connections. Listen to her roar - I am so frakkin' happy!


 Still plenty to do, finishing off fabricating exhaust brackets, re-routing some wiring, sorting out indicators on front end, fabbing up number plate holder.... BUT despite me having messed around with stator rotor and timing pick-ups when fitting the light-weight flywheel, and having fitted FCR Keihins straight from the box, she appears to run fine. Props and thanks to Chris at California Cycleworks, his base settings for the flatsides seem to be spot on. Plus there don't seem to be any oil leaks, petrol leaks etc, plus the cans sound fantastic, plus starter, dash, clutch etc etc all work....I am so stoked.


  1. Awesome! Love it!
    Nice job sir!

  2. Your too kind, my air-cooled co-conspirator!

  3. Great job Pete! Fantastic to hear the noise :)

  4. Sounds good Pete. Are you going to be selling ice creams?

  5. Good work!! There's no better exhaust note in motorsickling. Makes me miss my Monster and 900SS

  6. Cool project!
    the sound of the Mivvs..very nice!!