Sunday, 5 June 2011

Please Be Seated....

Big news from the 'shack is I have my custom seat!

The cover was made and fitted while I waited by Lee of Viking Seats:

Outstanding work at a very reasonable price. Lee is very friendly and will discuss what you want for your seat and contribute ideas. I wasn't able to find a vinyl that was quite as "distressed saddlery leather" as I wanted, and Lee suggested black and tan to break the colour up a bit. He also suggested the use of a synthetic suede-style for all or part of the seat. In the end I asked for black suede-style, and ribbing on the actual seating area, and tan leather-look vinyl on the rest, with double stitching. The problem of the 70's-style ribbing flare-ing out near the tank was solved by Lee putting in a "neck" section that works really well, wrapping around the rear of the tank.

The seat looks a bit new and needs to get a bit "lived in", and I'm thinking about a way to age the tan sections a bit, but I'm really pleased with it. I would definitely recommend Lee, whose prices are really good despite the high level of service. As well as a seating area with bike mags, just across the yard is a reallyu pukka cafe - best fresh cooked chips I've had for a long time! If you need to to talk to someone in the South East about any sort of seat customising, I can't recommend Lee highly enough. Like Boyz Toyz for the paint, I shall be back for subsequent projects. Find Lee's site here:
Other news - what's left before project is finished I hear you ask:

Brackets for front mudguard
Bracket for numberplate
Decisions about, purchase, and fitting of, indicators and rear light.
Mounting exhausts (can't find exhaust stud nuts so need to order some new ones)
Brackets for exhausts
Solve problem of Oberon M900 brake lever seeming to not fit alleged 916 unit when they should apparently be the same. Getting help and advice from Steve at Oberon which is much appreciated.
Fit front calipers
Sort side stand warning light
Establish why sprocket studs still seem a little too close to swingarm - bit of a worry this one...
Route Motogadget wiring tidily, mount speed sensor (fabricate bracket as necessary)
Mount motogadget microswitch or buy amd mount slightly less teeny switch.
Sort out some kind of shortened rear hugger, and underseat splash plate,
Fix on seat catch and get it to work tidily possible without locking unit. Although with new seat might be better it was lockable, or bolted on.
Solder on broken neutral sensor wires, tighten sensor nut which is recessed (have made a tool out of duplicate spanner using my fab Black and Decker power file)

Put on tank fittings
Put in oil and petrol and see if it actually runs...
Fix whatever doesn't work properly.

So I'm still singing the same old song - "there's a fair bit to be done yet"

I've been a bit lax lately - did manage to put together my first rivet link chain with loan of DID tool and advice from my mate Dan. That's something I'm glad I can now do myself.


  1. Dear Mr Cutter. Once again you come up trumps, you are out in the world searching and hay presto you have sourced the best again. Paint jobs, parts from the US, a man to sort the clocks, oh and he had the right cans..and now a seat.... All good things come to them that deserve it.. The italian motorcycle gods shine on you brightly.. What I truly love is the fact you still believe your a chancer.. Your not my friend, you are so not,. Loving your work, Shaun.

  2. Mmm not sure about the colour of the seat, love the shape, maybe like you say it needs some wearing in (but hey it's your project and a lot further on than mine), looking forward to the rest..