Monday, 4 April 2011

On It's Wheels!

This is very premature and I will probably regret it, but I just couldn't resist. The project has got real momentum at the moment and I really wanted to see the bike on it's wheels. The kids helped me get it off the table safely. With luck I may even have the painted tank by the end of this week. It's scheduled to be ready to pick up on my birthday but I have to confirm tomorrow. If the plan sticks I will be so happy.

In other news. Rear brake with new Venhill hose, rearset brake controls including banjo brake light switch all fitted. However brake switch a little too long so utilising double copper washers which is not ideal.

Continued struggling to keep the PJ1 exhaust paint on long enough so it survives relatively unscathed until engine is run to cure it. Our oven's not big enough, although I did have another go, this time with electric heat gun rather than blow torch.

Bit pathetic so roll on engine running - way off yet though.

Having discounted professional electrician to do tidy job on dash due to cost, I am running out of excuses to put off wiring it in.... Got to start sorting seat covering choices too which will be fun.

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