Monday, 8 February 2010

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping I Say!!

So what got bought? The legendary Keihin FCR carbs are on the way from  the lovely Chris and Candice at California Cycleworks. In fact the carbs may already be languishing in a Parcelforce prison camp while various gnomes tally up the huge handling and import tithes to be visited on my poor threadbare ass. For surely it is right and just that I be punished for buying something cheaper abroad, forsooth. Enough! They will come and there will be much horsepower, cred, classic racing vibe, and boundless rejoicing.
What else? From Germany and the equally helpful and efficient bods at Kamna... a lightweight Pure-TEC flywheel!
Is there more? Oh yes, rays of divine golden light pierce the clouds, enter stage left a true petrol-head  icon of motosickle royalty bling, oh lordy the Ohlins is amongst us... Got at a bargain price due to the eagle-eyed and brotherly efforts of members of UK Monster Owners Club, and the desire to spread Ducati-flavoured joy in the heart of Peter at Pro-Twins. Check the links list brethren for all of the above. Meanwhile, rear suspension and most of the engine tuning is potentially sorted and I am now skint. Here are flywheel and shock:


So no money left for powdercoating - will have to start saving again and selling stuff. But milestones are always flexible (see earlier post) - they are there to help not dictate. I haven't decided about frame and wheel colour as I haven't decided about paint job. Better to wait and grab the big dollar items while the cash was available and the deals good. You never know when the next consumer durable is going to blow up after all....


  1. Shocks look pretty swanky! All that primary colour - you should be working in East Tower!

  2. Well the stock shock spring is yellow, and default Ohlins is yellow... The swanky bit is the gold reservoir and iconic Ohlins logo. East Tower... I should be so lucky. (DeathOwl, what kind of handle is that - I was scared you were going to be a satanic chicken abuser....)